Build Your Blister Plan

Build Your Blister Plan

by Rebecca Rushton
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Diana Spears

Best money I ever spent!

The money I spent on your course was the best investment I have ever made. I like to do distance walking and have really weird shaped feet. I have struggled with footwear and spent over a thousand dollars trying different shoes, boots, and sandals...

Andrea Cleland

I finish with one word.......Masterful!

I am an Australian Podiatrist who is in awe of what Rebecca has produced on this subject. I am also a big fan and have only ever touched the surface of treating my own lifelong blister problems with my own meanderings of treatment (very hit and...

Katie Barr

Everything you ever wanted to know about blisters but were too afraid to ask!!

This course is invaluable for ANYONE who suffers (or doesn't want to suffer) from blisters and EVERYONE involved in their treatment and prevention.

Diana Spears

The money I spent on your course was the best investment I have ever made. I like to do distance walking and have really weird shaped feet. I have struggled with footwear and spent over a thousand dollars trying different shoes, boots, and sandals...

Andrea Cleland

I am an Australian Podiatrist who is in awe of what Rebecca has produced on this subject. I am also a big fan and have only ever touched the surface of treating my own lifelong blister problems with my own meanderings of treatment (very hit and...

Katie Barr

This course is invaluable for ANYONE who suffers (or doesn't want to suffer) from blisters and EVERYONE involved in their treatment and prevention.

Colin Griffin

Easy to read with informative instruction. As a health professional looking to improve my treatment regime I found this extremely useful.

Tod Schimelpfenig

The course is excellent. There is a lot of practical information. All the links worked. The worksheets were helpful to structure reflective thinking on the material beyond simply reading the online content or watching the videos. I appreciated...

Adrian Lang

This course has given me a much better understanding of: how blisters develop, their treatment and the means of controlling their formation. As a long distance walker I need to be fully equiped to treat any issues that may arise with my feet in r...

Jennifer Russell

The 'Shoes' lesson was really interesting. Ian Griffith's video on running shoes left me with the reassurance of encouraging people to go with fit and comfort, spend lots of time and try different brands when searching for that perfect shoe. I di...

Rebecca Rushton
Rebecca Rushton
Podiatrist and foot blister specialist

About the Instructor

Rebecca is an Australian podiatrist of 23 years and an authority on the management of foot blisters. She founded Blister Prevention in 2009 and published "The Blister Prone Athlete's Guide" in 2015. In 2016, Rebecca was recognised for her work when she was awarded the Podiatry WA Innovation Award.

Rebecca has spent a lifetime dealing with her own blister prone feet in her sporting and everyday life. Now she specialises in helping athletes and sports medicine professionals figure out how to manage foot blisters with ease. For kicks, she enjoys providing blister care at multiday ultramarathon events, working with the likes of Big Red Run, Australia's premier 6-Day ultramarathon (in the Simpson Desert!).

If You Can Say Yes To Any Of These Questions

You’re A Perfect Fit For Build Your Blister Plan

Question #1: Are you getting foot blisters more often than you’d like?

Question #2: Have you given up on blister prevention (because nothing works) and now just let the blisters happen and deal with them later?

Question #3: Worst of all, do you kid yourself that blisters are a badge of honour.

The Good News Is This

I can show you how to avoid blisters:

... even if you're blister prone.

(I know exactly how you feel and I know I can help).

... even if you've got "really bad feet".

(I'm a podiatrist. I understand).

... even if you're an elite athlete.

(You know, you should be putting just as much thought and action into your feet as you do your nutrition, training and other aspects of your performance).

... even if you're just starting out with your fitness goals.

(As a matter of fact, if you're just starting out, you’re particularly susceptible to foot blisters).

... and no matter what sport you play.

Let me share a quick story...

How Tamyka Built A Blister Plan That Took Her From This In 2013 To (Almost) Blister Free In The Same Race In 2014

Here’s what Tamyka said on Facebook:

This is my little miracle for the race. The first three photos are from last year's race: edge blisters from hell and a nasty blister under the foot from taping the edge blisters. The other two photos are from this year's race. I spent about an hour and a half putting Engo patches in the right parts of my shoe using the two-patch method, and about 20 minutes taping my toes with Rocktape before the race. During the race I noticed a few hotspots and taped a few extra toes, my instep and my heel on one side. This is the end result—two small blisters. The weird looking skin is not a blister, just calloused skin that has been sweaty for two days. Many thanks to Rebecca Rushton from

And some more feedback...

"Thank you so much for your help and guidance, you have no idea how grateful I am. My race went well. I didn’t have to stop once for sore toes! It made a huge difference." (Michelle, trail runner, Perth)
"Thank you for responding so quickly to my concerns - I appreciate it more than you know. I have learned so much in the past 36 hours. You have been such a wealth of information and your kindness comes through in your emails - I just cannot thank you enough!" (Tiffany, marathon runner, New Jersey)

I know the science behind how to put together a blister plan that allows an athlete to train and compete blister free, or as close as possible to it. And the science behind treatment that actually helps a blister heal quickly and hurt less!

I know you have your doubts about this.

"It can't be that easy." "This sounds like a lot of work." "I've heard it all before."

I get that - I understand where you're coming from. You've had dumb blister advice before. Here's what I can tell you ...

While Building Your Blister Plan is not as big an undertaking as you might expect, there is some work required on your part. And here's what I can assure you of ...

  • By design, I walk you through each step. So you can build a blister plan in the shortest possible time.

  • By design, I'll show you which products and strategies perform better than others. That way, you get bang for buck on your chosen blister products and strategies, saving you money.

  • By design, I teach you how to weigh up the pros and cons of different strategies. So when something unexpected happens, you know why, and exactly what to do next.

  • And by design, I separate the fact from fiction. So you can stop floundering in myth and folklore, and instead build a blister plan you can rely on.

I love helping people with blisters. Why? Because I needed the exact help I offer now 20 years ago and it wasn’t available. I needed the right gear and I needed a plan... but it didn’t exist.

And that’s exactly what Build Your Blister Plan is all about. It’s an end-to-end training that will walk you through how to create a Blister Plan that you can rely on to keep your feet blister-free, no matter what you're into. Plus, you get this blister kit to use in your training, at your event, in your day to day active lifestyle and to get you started with your Blister Plan (Advanced and Pro level only).

This Blister Kit is yours FREE when you join!

Here’s Exactly How It Works:

Over 4 weeks, I’ll walk you through:
  • The preventive strategies you need to consider (including their pros and cons, and how to tell if they’re going to work for you, and why)
  • How these strategies relate to the 10 most common blister locations on the feet (and yes, how to pick the right strategy for your feet).
  • How to treat blisters properly (so you can make them heal quicker and hurt less).
  • If you choose the Advanced or Pro level, I'll be sending you the "Extras Pack" which includes The Ultra Blister Kit and a paperback copy of my book The Blister Prone Athletes Guide To Preventing Foot Blisters. These are yours to keep. And all shipped FREE, worldwide.
  • And if you’ve already got a Blister Plan, I'll show you where the holes are in your plan, and how you can make it better.

Plus, I’ll share the advanced blister techniques that you can use to recover quicker so you can perform to your potential.

Why You Need To Build A Blister Plan Is Clear

Blisters are the most common injury in sport!

Start creating your Blister Plan now and in a few weeks, you'll be more prepared for blisters that you ever thought possible. The Blister Plan you start building today is the blister plan you use over and over and over again, just tweaking as you go.

Now imagine how great it would feel to have your blister plan on autopilot... imagine if you had a strategy that just worked.

Is there a better way to invest your time?

Believe me. It feels pretty good to have that kind of confidence in your ability to prevent blisters and to troubleshoot on the fly. All it takes is the right knowledge and the right gear. I should know. I’ve been blister prone all my life and now, with my blister strategy in place, I can do what I like without having to worry about whether I’ll be held up with painful foot blisters. I’ve got it so down-pat right now and I haven’t needed to change my blister plan in years.

Plus, you’ve heard how I’ve helped athletes and regular people with their blisters. But I’ve also helped event organisers and medical practitioners educate their event participants and patients with their Blister Plans too.

"I've learned a lot from your expertise and structured approach to blisters. Your material and the resulting engagement by runners is at least 200% better than previous years." - Lucas Trihey, Medical team director Ultra Trail Australia, Event director Big Red Run and owner of Event Safety Services

"The course is excellent. There is a lot of practical information. All the links worked. The worksheets were helpful to structure reflective thinking on the material beyond simply reading the online content or watching the videos. I appreciated the ability to read relevant material from other sources and authors. The information and images of various taping techniques are especially helpful." - Tod Schimelpfenig, Curriculum Director, NOLS Wilderness Medicine

And The Good News...


Your investment in this training is backed by a 60-Day “Try The Whole Course” Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

When you enrol in the Build Your Blister Plan program today, you have a FULL 60 days to go through the course 100% risk free. If you feel as if the course just didn’t work for you, email me, show me you did the work, I'll ask you to return any unused items from the blister kit (at your expense) and I’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund where you’ll get 100% of your money back. The training is dripped out to you weekly (4 modules over 4 weeks) so you get access to the entire course… plus an additional month… to try everything out. And if it’s not working, all you have to do is email me before the 60th day, show me you tried to do the work, and I’ll give your money back.

Why do I offer such a lenient guarantee?
I know, without a shadow of doubt, that this training program can help you build a Blister Plan that works better than any you've ever had before. And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and prove it to you by offering such a lenient guarantee.

Why do I ask that you show me the work?
That’s simple. I only want people to join this program if they want to create a Blister Plan that works. And if that’s you, you’re going to do the work anyway, so you will have no problem providing it. I don’t want any “window-shoppers” who want to waste my time (and their own time).

Frequently Asked Questions About Build Your Blister Plan

Got questions about Build Your Blister Plan? I go over the most common questions below. And if for some reason you still have a question that went unanswered, feel free to contact me at

If you want to a) build a new Blister Plan or b) refine your existing Blister Plan, below are some of the most common questions I hear:


No problem at all. To join Build Your Blister Plan you don't need to have attempted any sort of Blister Plan before. Heck, you don't need to have even had a foot blister at all. Inside the training, I give you all the tools you need to craft your first Blister Plan. And the worksheets will walk you through the process step by step. So you can definitely do this, even if you have ZERO experience.

Plus, remember this: When you enrol in Build Your Blister Plan don’t have to go at it alone! You'll also get access to me in the Discussion Forum so you can fire off any questions or concerns you have while you take the course. And you’ll get a prompt response. And even though the course gets completed over the course of just 4 weeks, you get access to this support for 365 days.


If you already have a Blister Plan and you want to refine it, you should STILL join the training.

Maybe you already have a Blister Plan and you're relatively blister free. Great! I'll show you how you can refine it and take it to the next level, so you can push yourself further and harder. For example, in Chapter 1, I'll show you how to think about “friction” differently so it actually helps rather than hinders your blister prevention efforts. And I'll make sure you understand how you manage friction the right way, using what I call the Targeted Friction Management. And much more...

Or maybe you have a Blister Plan and you know it’s NOT working. So, if you've been tweaking and tinkering with your Blister Plan for months or years and you're still wondering where you’re going wrong, the training will help you finally figure it out.


No problem! I'll break down everything you need to know about creating a Blister Plan from scratch inside this training. You'll learn how to get started and how to road test your chosen blister strategies, one by one. You'll learn the exact Blister Plan structure you should use. You'll learn how to create a back-up plan for your blister susceptible areas that will make prevention (and treatment) a no-brainer, even in the heat of competition. And more!


Yes! Blister Plans come in all shapes and forms. And you can use them for your particular field sport. It doesn't matter if you play football, soccer, hockey, baseball, softball, golf, cricket (especially fast bowlers), rugby and more - the training will show you how to build YOUR robust Blister Plan.


Yes. As a matter of fact, you need a Blister Plan more than many other sports. The rapid stopping and starting, accelerating and decelerating, and changing of direction is the reason why your sport predisposes you to foot blisters. I use this training to help all sorts of court sport players get on top of their blister troubles, especially in sports like tennis, squash, netball and basketball, but also handball, table tennis, volleyball, badminton (and even boxers get a lot of blisters – but that’s not really a court sport). Your Blister Plan doesn't have to look like anyone else’s Blister Plan. Rather you can use this approach to build a unique plan for you – your blisters, your feet, your activity.


Yes. In fact, a Blister Plan with a focus on prevention is crucial, considering you don’t have the opportunity to stop mid-race in anything under marathon distance to take care of your hot-spots. And when it comes to ultramarathons – I’ve totally got you covered. My favourite events to provide foot care are 6-Day ultras.


Yes. Even if you like to head off on your own in the great outdoors for a few hours at a time or WHATEVER... As an active person, you need a Blister Plan, too. And inside the training, I'll show you how to build it out so it suits your activity and your feet so that it works for you.

Are you curious about how this training program works? And how much time you’ll need to dedicate each week? And other things related specifically to the training? Keep reading...


Build Your Blister Plan is a 4 week training program that walks you through how to create a Blister Plan from scratch. Each week, I’ll release new material inside your membership area. This material will consist of videos, worksheet downloads, and bonus material that’s designed to help you craft your unique Blister Plan to help you in your active lifestyle. You have 365 days access to the training material, so you can either go through the content as I release it, or you can slow things down and go at your own pace.


You do not need to show up anywhere live. The training consists of written content, pre-recorded videos, and downloadable worksheets. Each week, I’ll release the next chapter in your membership area.


I recommend you set aside at least 2 hours each week to go through the material. This includes reading the course content, filling out the step-by-step worksheets, and of course, doing the work that goes into creating a comprehensive Blister Plan, like road-testing your chosen strategies to make sure they work and don’t have any undesirable side-effects. That said, the more time you put in, the sooner your new and refined plan can be put to good use. But if you're unable to devote that much time, at least in the beginning, it’s okay. When you enrol in Build Your Blister Plan, you’ll get a full 365 days access. So, you can go through the course as I release the content or you can slow things down and go at your own pace. Whatever works for you.


No. But good question :-) The training is designed to be the next easiest thing to having someone do it for you. I break the whole process down into 4 easy "chapters". I'll explain everything you need to know. And I'll walk you through all the steps in detail in the worksheets. And don't worry if you've never had a Blister Plan before (or if you have). Or if you think you're not medically-minded enough to know how to make one (or too professional to need one). Inside Chapter 2, I teach you how to approach your own blister susceptible areas. And show you where you’re likely to have most success. There are 10 common blister locations and I’ve got tips on how to choose the strategies that are right for you.


When I put together this course, I had three types of people in mind. They are as follows:

Person #1: You’re quite new to an active lifestyle and you don't have a Blister Plan yet, but you know you need one.

Person #2: You get blisters more often than you’d like and nothing you do seems to be working.

Person #3: You’re already very active and have some idea of what works for your feet, but you're looking to refine your Blister Plan to make it even better.

I want you to know that I can help

With Build Your Blister Plan, we cover everything you need to craft your plan from scratch. But I'll also give you the tools to REFINE your existing Blister Plan. This includes the theory behind what causes blisters, how to stop blisters from forming, how to treat blisters so you can carry on without pain, how to accelerate blister healing, and more.

Build Your Blister Plan has played an important role in my own active lifestyle. I share my complete framework for creating a comprehensive Blister Plan in this training.

The only question is this…

Which level of Build Your Blister Plan is right for you?


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