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“Thank you for responding so quickly to my concerns - I appreciate it more than you know. I have learned so much in the past 36 hours. You have been such a wealth of information and your kindness comes through in your emails - I just cannot thank you enough!”

Tiffany - marathon runnerTiffany - marathon runner

“Your online material worked wonders for me. Some of the walkers on the Camino with us had sought 'professional' help in preparation and found that the guidance and advice was lacking. One woman had spent about $400 on boots and suffered really badly. She had no idea about blisters and how they happen. In fact most of our group had no idea, they were just hoping it would not happen to them! After you were so kind to reply to my email (an overnight response they could hardly believe) my credibility was enhanced as I had a 'consultant'. They called me St Luke after that. All I can say is thank you! ”

Luke Wensing - Camino de Santiago walkerLuke Wensing - Camino de Santiago walker

“This woman is the blister guru of the modern world! She has saved my feet many times over. Nearly everything I know about blister prevention I learnt from Rebecca…and everything else I thought I knew, I ran by her to check I was right.”

Tamyka Bell - Ultramarathon runnerTamyka Bell - Ultramarathon runner

“The money I spent on this was the best investment I have ever made. I like to do distance walking and have really weird shaped feet. I have struggled with footwear and spent over a thousand dollars trying different shoes, boots, and sandals - only to always end up in the same place - with my distance and hiking frequency limited by my footwear instead of my interests and ability!”

Diana Spears - HikerDiana Spears - Hiker

“I stood, and could noticeably tell the difference immediately. I could walk! I decided to shuffle around for one lap to test it out. By the back straight I was unable to feel any discomfort in the area and had returned to a full run.”

Matt Angus - Ultramarathon runnerMatt Angus - Ultramarathon runner

“I am in awe of what Rebecca has produced on this subject. I am also a big fan and have only ever touched the surface of treating my own lifelong blister problems. This is brilliant! The information and messages empowering and presented to instil confidence in oneself. This should become standard Podiatric text and to be included in the Podiatry Schools teaching syllabus. I finish with one word.......Masterful! Thank you.”

Andrea Cleland - PodiatristAndrea Cleland - Podiatrist

“I've learned a lot from your expertise and structured approach to blisters. Your material and the resulting engagement by runners is at least 200% better than previous years.”

Lucas Trihey - Medical team director Ultra Trail Australia, Event director Big Red RunLucas Trihey - Medical team director Ultra Trail Australia, Event director Big Red Run

“Rebecca, I just wanted to let you know that I successfully completed the Sydney Running Festival Half-marathon last Sunday 😄 (my first half-marathon). I could not have done it without your expertise regarding blister management, so wanted to write and say a huge THANK YOU!! In the end, the only pain I had was due to the start of an ingrown toenail - not my blisters at all - no problems at all in that area! Keep on doing a great job - it makes a difference to people like me!”

Carolyn Hastie - Half-marathon runnerCarolyn Hastie - Half-marathon runner

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