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Podiatrist Rebecca Rushton knows a lot about feet and foot blisters.

Having blister-prone feet herself and providing foot care at ultramarathons and other endurance events, she's been dealing with blisters for a long time.

And now, after researching and delivering blister education for ten years, Rebecca has developed an online resource you can access anytime on your smartphone (or any device) to get the right advice for your hot-spot or blister, within seconds!

Here's what you'll learn

  • 1
    • Meet Rebecca
    • Blister Quiz
    • The Truth About Blisters
    • Using this App
  • 2
    • Have a Blister Now?
    • Step 1: Identify Your Blister Stage
    • Step 2: Prevent Infection
    • Step 3: Apply the Right Dressing
    • Step 4: Relieve Your Pain
  • 3
    • Where is Your Blister?
    • Back of Heel
    • Heel Edge
    • Under Heel
    • Under Arch
    • Edge of Forefoot
    • Under Forefoot (1st Joint)
    • Under Forefoot (2nd Joint)
    • Under Forefoot (Joints 3,4,5)
    • Under / Side of Big Toe
    • Tops of Toes
    • Outside of Little Toe
    • Toe Tips
    • Around Toenails / Black Nails
    • Between / Under Toes
    • Between Toes (1st and 2nd)
    • Somewhere else?
  • 4
    • Find What You Need
    • Shoe Fit
    • Socks
    • Taping
    • Lubricants
    • Powders
    • Shoe Patches
    • Cushioned Insoles
    • Donut Pads
    • Gel Toe Protectors
    • Wool
    • Toe Props
    • Foot Function and Biomechanics
    • Blister Kits
  • 5
    • Preparing Your Skin
    • Blood Blisters
    • Blister Popping
    • Blister Healing Time
    • Get Rebecca's Expert Help


To ensure you get the most out of this app.

  • Bonus 1

    Extension email series

    Every day for 10 days, you'll get an email from me. Each email contains one advanced blister or foot-care tip - the kind of things I usually only discuss during my one-on-one consultations. Everybody LOVES these tips and I know you will too!

  • Bonus 2


    I've arranged discount codes for you at my own and several other online stores. This is just for the products I recommend. I don't get a kick-back - these discounts are purely for your benefit, to get you preventing and treating your foot blisters like an expert NOW!

  • Bonus 3

    VIP access

    Got a question, just ask! My aim is to see you succeed and I'll bend over backwards to make that happen. You're a VIP now! And if you want to take this offline and get my help privately, for a small extra fee, you can send me photos of your blisters and get my unlimited one-on-one advice. I'm here for you.


  • How much does this cost?

    It's ONE SINGLE payment of USD $37 for full unlimted access - that's it! There are no recurring payments.

  • Can I access this offline?

    You need an internet connection to access the material.

  • Can I get this on my ipad?

    Sure! You can access this from any smartphone, tablet, hybrid or desktop.

  • How do I contact Rebecca?

    Just reply to any email she sends you. Or click the "Support" link on the bottom of any page. Rebecca will be in touch with you pronto!

  • Is this just for people who live in Australia?

    People from every continent on earth (except Antarctica - so far) are using this app as we speak.

  • Is this only for runners?

    Definitely not. In fact we get just as many hikers and people doing charity walks joining. And a surprising number of netball players recently!

  • Do you do refunds?

    Nope, not on this app. It's impossible for you NOT to get $37 value from this. I mean, $37 is about half of Rebecca's consultation fee. If you sincerely feel you've been duped, get in touch with Rebecca and she'll get you unstuck.

“This woman is the blister guru of the modern world! She has saved my feet many times over. ”

Tamyka Bell - Ultramarathon runnerTamyka Bell - Ultramarathon runner

“Your online material worked wonders for me while on the Camino de Santiago.”

Luke Wensing - HikerLuke Wensing - Hiker

“I am in awe of what Rebecca has produced on this subject. Masterful!”

Andrea Cleland - PodiatristAndrea Cleland - Podiatrist

“Rebecca, I just wanted to let you know that I successfully completed the Sydney Running Festival Half-marathon last Sunday 😄 (my first half-marathon). I could not have done it without your expertise regarding blister management, so wanted to write and say a huge THANK YOU!!”

Carolyn Hastie - Half-marathon runnerCarolyn Hastie - Half-marathon runner
  • Rebecca Rushton

    Rebecca Rushton

    Podiatrist and foot blister specialist

    Rebecca is an Australian podiatrist of 25 years and an authority on the management of foot blisters. She started the Blister Prevention blog in 2009, published "The Blister Prone Athlete's Guide" in 2015 and is the director of BlisterPod. Rebecca has spent a lifetime dealing with her own blister prone feet in her sporting and everyday life. Now she specialises in demystifying blister management for athletes and sports medicine professionals. For kicks, Rebecca enjoys providing blister care at multiday ultramarathon events.

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